Absolutely fascinating…

Back in November of 1997, William Moldt of Palm Beach County, Florida, disappeared without a trace and, for the years since, no one knows what happened to him.

Now, thanks to Google Earth, they do.

Amanda Watts, Natalie Johnson, and Amanda Jackson provide this absolutely fascinating article for CNN.com which reports on how…

The remains of a man missing for 22 years have been found – thanks to Google Earth

As always, and at the risk of giving it away, Google Earth provided the following picture of a neighborhood in Palm Beach County (I’ve taken this image from the article above):

The submererged car is on the top left side of the pond. See inset.

As you can see in the close up image in the square on the upper left side, what appears to be a car on its side is visible along the bank of this pond.

The vehicle turned out to be Mr. Moldt’s Saturn. The vehicle was lifted from the pond and his remains were found inside.

A tragic situation, certainly, but at least now the family/friends of Mr. Moldt will have closure and now know what became of him.