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The Dolphins and the NFL

I’ve been around now and again and less than I’d like, so forgive me if I go over some older stuff.

After the latest season in the National Football League, the Miami Dolphins, the team I root for (though, given their record for the past twenty some years I wonder why) fired head coach Brian Flores despite having a pretty good run during his three years run.

To be clear: It wasn’t a spectacular run, but given the fact that the first year the Dolphins essentially unloaded every player of any worth they had, he has managed to overachieve with regard to the teams he’s had to work with.

This last year began pretty badly. While they won their first game against New England, they then went on to lose 7 games in a row, including losses to such “lesser” teams as Jacksonville.

But then, starting on November 7th and against the Houston Texans, they had a stunning turn around and wound up winning 7 games in a row, a tough feat to begin with, and achieved a record no team had to date: To lose 7 games in a row and win 7 games in a row in a single season!

Alas, those early loses would figure into their playoff chances and truthfully they had no margin for error in their last two games. They had a chance, certainly, but they needed to beat the Buffalo Bills in week 17 and simply could not. The Bills, much as I don’t like to admit it, are a powerhouse and they look to have a very bright future, even if they didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year.

Anyway, by the time the next, and last game of the season rolled around, it didn’t matter if they won or lost. They beat The New England Patriots once again and finished the season with a decent 9 and 8 record, slightly above average but clearly not enough.

What was surprising was that Brian Flores, whose ultimate record after three years as Head Coach was 24-25, was subsequently fired.

Then, things got ugly.

Brian Flores, after a few interviews with other teams, came out and stated the owner of the Dolphins, Stephen M. Ross, offered him $100,000 each game lost. He also presented some damning tweets between he and New England Patriots head coach Brian Belichick.

In those tweets, Mr. Belichick mistook Mr. Brian Flores for Brian Daboll and congratulated him on getting the New York Giants head coaching job… when Mr. Flores was scheduled to -but had not yet had- an interview with them!

In other words, Mr. Flores claimed this proved that the Daboll hiring was a done deal and the interview to come with him was a sham, a way of getting around the Rooney Rule (which forces NFL teams to interview minority coaches) when they had absolutely no intention of hiring Flores for the job.

Anyway, Jomills H. Braddock II and Alex R. Piquero have a good article regarding this whole affair here:

What the case of fired Dolphins coach Brian Flores says about the NFL today

Now, some of the accused, including Stephen Ross, have denied any wrongdoing and deny Mr. Flores’ accusations.

Other than being a fan of the team, I have no knowledge of the ins and outs of the organization other than watching them play their games during the season.

Yet I will say this: The Dolphins have, unfortunately, been a team that has all too consistently in the past few years been a disappointment, a huge turnaround considering that during the 1970’s they were a powerhouse, winning two SuperBowls and having their “Perfect” season, and during the 1980’s they were a consistently upper tier team under Dan Marino and Don Shula.

It seems like things went downhill pretty quickly when Don Shula was replaced with Jimmy Johnson -who came off a terrific run with the Dallas Cowboys but who seemed overwhelmed and uninterested in running another team- and when Dan Marino retired.

Watching Marino during his golden years was like watching magic. I loved those years, even if in the end they only reached the SuperBowl once… and lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

That match up, way back in 1985, was the last time my beloved team went to the SuperBowl. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s 37 years ago.


Anyway, now we have Mike McDaniel being hired to coach the team. He previously worked with the San Francisco 49ers and there may be something, I don’t know, weirdly interesting in that particular hiring, given the 49ers were the team that defeated us the last time we were in the SuperBowl.

Will he do well? Will controversy continue to follow the team and/or will Brian Flores’ lawsuit gain traction?

I don’t know.

Regardless, its a tough situation for me, a fan of the team.

I do wonder if, within what’s left of my lifetime, I’ll ever see my beloved team once again in the SuperBowl.

This N’ That

Must say, I’m glad the SuperBowl is over.

It’s an economic boon for businesses around here, but the congestion and some of the… characters… you have to deal with can be a bit much.

Understand, though: Some 90% of the people who came down to enjoy this event, whether football or 49ers or Chiefs fans, are damn good people. They came, they enjoyed, and they left. It’s that 10% -maybe even less!- that unfortunately stick in your mind. I had to deal with some of that percentage and, to say the least, Monday and Tuesday (moreso Monday, though) were rather stressful.

But its over now and the game was good and most of the people were indeed nice so I shouldn’t bitch so much, no?

As for the game itself, I’m really intrigued with the winners, the Kansas City Chiefs. Throughout the playoffs and into the SuperBowl, they have this weird habit of playing really badly and getting behind before seeming to suddenly “wake up” and destroy their opponents.

It’s a weird thing they do and I can’t imagine it will continue working out favorably for them, but if they can get some of that sloppiness resolved beforehand and play more consistently, they will be a very fearsome team for many, many years to come.

Meanwhile, it strikes me that the New England Patriots may have finally, finally reached the end of their magical run. With sports, its a matter of time and New England, though they started with an incredible record, did so by playing mediocre or worse teams through that time period. When they started to play stronger teams, they were exposed as not as good as they first appeared.

Today there’s intrigue regarding what will happen to quarterback Tom Brady. Much as it pains me to say so, he is probably the best quarterback to date to have ever played the position. He is focused, he is relentless, and he is very accurate in his throws.

However, he’s getting quite old now and while this year he played well, those around him did not. He was clearly very frustrated with many of his receivers and, following the end of this season, he’s a free agent.

Will he return to New England?

If so, are they willing to pay an aging quarterback the money he wants? Brady’s agreed to be paid less than he was worth for most of his career but this allowed New England to hire good players around him from the savings they made through his lesser salary.

Word is he wants to get paid what he deserves and, given the cast around him wasn’t all that good this past year, will giving Brady what he wants allow them any wiggle room to pick up a good roster?

At least one other team, the Raiders, have indicated they want Brady if he’s willing to give them a shot.

So I repeat: Is this the end of the New England Patriots/Tom Brady era?

Only time will tell.


Politics… how can you escape it the last week or so?

You had “President” Trump’s impeachment and when the matter went over to the Senate, it was clear almost from the very beginning the courageous (he says very sarcastically) Republican majority was intent on making sure the matter ended effectively there. They didn’t want any more witnesses, twisting themselves into pretzels to justify that action, and now twisting themselves even more (as if you thought that possible!) to acquit the man.

Not even a censure vote is coming.

Here’s the thing: These people are not only short-sighted, they’ve just tied whatever legacies they have to him.

It’s incredibly difficult to predict the future, but I can’t help but wonder if this is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and the Republican party might have finally gone too far.

There is some 35-40 percent of the country that loves Trump and, I imagine, “Republicans” but that means that some 60-70% do not or are, at best, indifferent to them.

Will we see this reflected in elections later this year?

I certainly hope so.


So last night we had the State of the Union speech and it was another chapter in the “how low can we go” politics. First, “President” Trump comes out and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offers him her hand… which he pointedly refuses to shake.

The speech itself… I didn’t have the heart to listen. I’ve read the recaps and it sounded like a rather typical piece of self-aggrandisement. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, politicians have done this since forever.

What gets me is when the Medal of Honor was given to Rush Limbaugh right then and there.


Limbaugh noted he has advanced lung cancer. This is the man who many times argued against the reality of second hand smoke and who made it a point of smoking cigars near constantly on his radio show (and I’m sure in his free time as well).

There are many, many people who noted the irony and many, many others who were quite glad over his predicament.

I’ll try to be nice and not say something rude… even though if there’s anyone who deserves it. And I certainly wouldn’t be so cruel as to suggest, when Limbaugh does eventually pass -whether from the lung cancer or something else- that we should all cue up Bette Davis’ quote regarding the death of Joan Crawford.

No, I wouldn’t suggest that at all.

The State of the Union started with Trump snubbing Pelosi’s handshake but it ended most emphatically with Pelosi once again getting the last word, though it was through actions:

Image result for pelosi ripping trump speech gif"

Yeah, she ripped up Trump’s speech when he was done, right in front of him. By the way, the reason Trump’s putting himself where he is is because he realized what she’s doing and was trying in vain to block her actions out.

It was ineffective and made it clear that one hurt.

Trump keeps trying to one up Pelosi and she seems to always find a way of slapping him down.

It must irritate the hell out of Trump.

Which is fine by me.


2020 has certainly started off with a fury.

Yesterday, the very shocking news that basketball superstar Kobe Bryant died, along with his young daughter and seven other people, in a helicopter crash.

You can read the full story here in an article by Christina Maxouris and Artemis Moshtaghian and presented on

Young athletes, a baseball coach and mothers. What we know about the others on board the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant

For a while several years ago I became something of a HUGE sports fan. It built up slowly, first being mesmerized by the quarterback talents of Dan Marino, then moving into hockey, basketball, and baseball.

During those years, I had the extreme luck of seeing the Dolphins threaten to get to the SuperBowl year after year after year. I saw the Panthers reach the finals but ultimately get defeated by the Avalanche. I watched the Heat play with LeBron James and win quite a big. I had the extreme luck of seeing almost every game in the season the Marlins won their second World Series.

As can be seen from the above, all these teams are South Florida locals.

Yeah, I tend to be a “homer” when it comes to watching sports. Local teams are what engage me, not so much others.

Having said that, I lost interest in watching even those teams.

Nowadays, I watch Football -the Dolphins- but not religiously.

I didn’t see many of Kobe Bryant’s games, not all the way through, but did catch highlights and… he was pretty spectacular.

What is shocking more than anything else is the fact that he was so young, 41 years old, and it wasn’t so very long ago he retired. It is also shocking to see images/video of his daughter, who also perished in the crash, laughing and talking with him.

As a parent, that tears my heart out.

Thus, I never was a huge fan of Kobe Bryant, basketball player, but I knew who he was and knew about his incredible skills.

And now, he’s passed in a most shocking way.

So many things have happened so far in January, and we’re still a few days away from the end of January.

I hope the rest of the year calms down… if only a little.

Rest in Peace.

Well, that was painful…

This feels like something someone says at one of those meetings devoted to making you sober. The first step is usually admitting your problem:

My name is E.R. Torre, and I’m a Dolphin fan.

The rest of the people in the meeting room react with extreme horror. There are limits to helping people, and clearly I’m in need of a lot of help.

Today, of course, was the first Sunday of the 2019 Football season and for those that don’t know, my Dolphins played the Baltimore Ravens and got their asses totally pounded. The final score was 59-10 and it was every bit as bad as that score implies.

There was no offense. There was precious little defense. The team is a mess… and it was pretty much designed to be that way.

See, the Dolphins, since the departure of Don Shula and, a little later, quarterback Dan Marino, have been in this unrelenting funk. When Shula was coach and Marino quarterback, the Dolphins were a year after year SuperBowl contender. They were always in the playoffs and always seemed to be a legit candidate to make it to the big game.

But that was a very long time ago. The Dolphins, since Marino’s departure, seem to always be 7-9 to 9-7. There are a few exceptions, including a season where they went a ghastly 1-15, but they seem to always be stubbornly mediocre. Just being cut out of the playoffs and being just good enough so that their draft picks usually amount to not all that much.

Its been a sad state of affairs and, it seems, the owner and new Coach decided it was time to stop being mediocre and start the team from the ground up. To purge it of everyone and built it up again, younger and through the draft.

Which means this year, for all intents and purposes, is a season where they’re not expecting to win all that much.

Thing is, there’s a point where you’re not very good and where you’re purposely become horrible.

Maybe this first game is an aberration and they wind up winning a few games, say 3-4, in the season. Still wind up at the bottom and get good draft picks which they use to build themselves up.

At this point, though, and based on this first game, it sounds like they’re be lucky to do even that.

As I mentioned above, the Dolphins once went 1-15.

This year, there’s a very real chance they go 0-16.

How many fans remain after that?

Greed is good…?

So said the oily Gordon Gecko as played by Michael Douglas in the 1987 Oliver Stone directed film Wall Street.

Apropos of that, I present the following article written by Jason Owens and presented on Yahoo sports (though the link I’m providing is on

Matt Kuchar defends paying caddie $5000 on $1.3 million win: I “don’t lose sleep over this”

I’m completely bewildered and, I must say, enraged by this article.

As is stated (and at the risk of giving away everything in the above article), Matt Kuchar played in a tournament, the Mayakoba Golf Classic, and didn’t have his usual caddy with him. According to Mr. Kuchar, the two verbally agreed to a payment of $5000 for the caddie job.

Mr. Kuchar went on to win that tournament and received a prize of $1.298 million dollars.

He paid his caddie $5000.

The caddie, obviously not happy with the very small fee given to him, asked for more and, truth be told, caddies usually receive bonuses when the person they are “serving” win and win big.

After the story reached the news Kuchar offered the caddie $15,000 (or a little more than 1% of the winnings) but the caddie felt even that was an insult. He asked for $50,000, or a little less than 4% of Kuchar’s winnings.

Kuchar refused and, according to the article, he feels the matter is now closed. From the article:

“It’s done. Listen, I feel like I was fair and good,” he said. “You can’t make everybody happy. You’re not going to buy people’s ability to be OK with you, and this seems to be a social media issue more than anything. I think it shouldn’t be, knowing that there was a complete, agreed-upon deal that not only did I meet but exceeded.

“So I certainly don’t lose sleep over this. This is something that I’m quite happy with, and I was really happy for him to have a great week and make a good sum of money. Making $5,000 is a great week.”

I know there will be those who say: Well, if they had an agreement, the caddy should just shut up and accept what he got. However… notes that $3,000 for a week on a bag for a club caddie like Ortiz would normally be considered a generous offer. But that figure wouldn’t include a payout bonus and win bonus that generally comes with handshake deals.

So, dear friends, while Mr. Kuchar’s offer was indeed generous, it is common for golfers who win to then sweeten the caddie’s pot and give them payout bonuses or win bonuses, something Kuchar didn’t do until this story received airplay. (POSTSCRIPT: I have since learned that it is not uncommon for caddies to receive up to 10% of the winning pot from golfers, though granted this is often offered to “regular” caddies who are long term with their golf pro. That being the case, the “regular” caddie could have been in line for a bonus of up to $130,000)

The story ends with this whopper:

According to, Kuchar is 10th on the PGA career earnings list with more than $46 million.

Holy crap.

A man who has made $46 million in his career (even assuming this past win of $1.3 million was “all” he made up to that point in the year) feels it is appropriate to give a caddie $5000, an admittedly decent amount for a week’s worth with pro golfers, but then feels the man deserves nothing more… even when he wins a very big prize at the end?

As I said before, if he were to accede to the caddie’s demands (which he clearly has no intention of doing) and give the man $50,000 for that week’s worth -a fabulous amount!- that still amounts to less than 4% of Kuchar’s earnings for that week.

And if he felt that was too much, couldn’t he have gotten together with the caddie before this story blew up and worked out some kind of arrangement? If he was willing to go to $15,000, why not come somewhere between that amount and $50,000? Why not take the nicer path before you come off looking like a greedy fool?

Bear in mind, while it was certainly Kuchar’s skills that won him the tournament and he is undoubtedly entitled the winnings, the caddie was right beside him the whole way and it is my understanding caddies do more than just carry around the golfer’s bag. They are known to offer advice, keep track of information regarding the individual holes, and are often a sounding board regarding how to take on a hole.

Whether this was the case here is unknown to me, but I doubt the extent of the caddie’s involvement was limited only to carrying those bags and giving Kuchar club X or Y whenever he said he needed it.

Further, Kuchar’s final quote in the article, of “not losing sleep” over this situation doesn’t do him any favors as well.

If it was his intention to come off as a greedy fool, he certainly accomplished his mission, IMHO.

POSTSCRIPT PART DEUX: Written by Ralph Ellis and presented on CNN:

Matt Kuchar says he’ll apologize to caddie and pay remainder of the $50,000 he requested

So, after a few days of generally very bad news, the headline says it all: Matt Kuchar will do the right thing and give the caddie what he requested.

Mr. Kuchar, to his great credit, issued a press release that seemed very sincere in acknowledging he re-read his comments on this subject and felt it made him look very bad (which it did) and that he isn’t like that guy. So, he’s giving the man what he requested, which I’m assuming is $45,000 which will supplement the $5000 he already gave him.

The picky part in me notes that, as I stated above, it is “usual” for golfers to offer 10% of their winnings to caddies and this would mean the man may have been owed up to $130,000.

However, and as I also stated above, in all fairness this individual was not Kuchar’s usual caddie. He likely did less for Kuchar than the usual caddie would have done, ie offering advice on holes, clubs to use, etc. and likely was more of a club holder/mover.

So while the amount still feels a little light, the reality is that the man was asking for $50,000 for his work and he’s getting what he asked for AND an apology from Mr. Kutchar.

Case is closed.

SuperBowl snores…

Like many out there, I found yesterday’s SuperBowl, number LIII, a complete bore. In fact, I only watched the first half and when it was done decided there was no point in watching more.

As a Dolphin fan, I’m no fan of the Patriots, but reading up on their win yesterday one can’t help but feel they are and remain a next level team, one that seems to have cracked the code to Football.

So congrats to them for that!

Now then: The game still sucked.

It was dull and, inexplicably, so too were the SuperBowl ads.

Even people who aren’t huge Football fans (like my wife), might watch the SuperBowl to catch the ads. They’re often incredibly creative, funny -sometimes quite hilarious!- and original.

Not so this year.

Few of the ads stick to may mind… there was a Budweiser ad which was really a Game of Thrones ad, or was it a combo Budweiser/Games of Thrones ad? I don’t know, but it wasn’t all that humorous.

There was a Jason Bateman as an elevator operator ad which was for some online car buying company… I think… that did nothing for me.

In fact, the only ad I kinda liked was the one featuring the NFL banquet where a football falls from the cake and the veterans and current players there go to town.

At least that ad had me cracking up.


A Postscript: There were many who also knocked the Maroon 5 half-time show. Not a fan of the band and didn’t bother to see it (again, I was gone when half-time began), but looks like it was par for the course.


SuperBowl halftime show…

Found this article regarding the upcoming Superbowl half-time show, and the fact that they have Maroon 5 performing but the band is having a hard time getting anyone else to play with them (the article was written by Randall Colburn and presented on…

No one wants to play with Maroon 5 at the SuperBowl Half-Time show

The upshot of the article, if you’re too lazy to click on it, is that while Maroon 5 has committed to playing at the upcoming SuperBowl Half-time show, it appears many artists are boycotting the event and/or are not interested in performing because of the way the NFL treated -and is still treating- Colin Kaepernick.

If you’re unfamiliar with that whole saga, basically Mr. Kaepernick took a “knee” on the sidelines during the National Anthem played before each game’s beginning.  He was protesting the way African Americans are treated in the US and the way some are harassed or much, much worse by the police and the criminal justice system.

I never had a problem with the protest.  It was peaceful and it addressed something that should, IMHO, be addressed.  However, many on the “right” viewed this as being disrespectful to the flag and Mr. Kaepernick was eventually let go from his team and to date hasn’t had any football team look into hiring him, even though he is still a young and accomplished quarterback.

The fact that music acts are potentially boycotting the SuperBowl’s Half-Time show while team owners -some whose teams desperately could use a quarterback like Mr. Kaepernick- have been completely silent regarding hiring him shows to some extent the divide in this country.

Powerful/successful music acts can certainly choose not to have anything to do with the SuperBowl while on the other side team owners worry that if they hire Mr. Kaepernick they may face protests or worse from their fans and others.  Like it or not -and I do not- Mr. Kaepernick has become something of a lightning rod in these times and I can sympathize with owners who are hesitant to hire him while, simultaneously and perhaps more than a little hypocritically (after all, its not my money), wish some brave owner would go against the grain and freaking hire him already.

Ah well.  In a way, this is one of those Greek-like dramas that may never be resolved in any meaningful way.

Woo Hoo…!

After an unexpectedly stormy Labor Day weekend due to what became Tropical Storm Gordon (take care up there in the coast!), we turn our attention to what is for me the biggest love/hate relationship I have:


I like the game.  Quite a bit.  It’s emotional, draining, perplexing, and surprisingly strategic given it is also a show of force/speed.

On the other hand, a part of me notes that its a brutal game that is proving itself to be more than just something that wears and tears athlete’s bodies: It hurts their brain as well and, I do feel, in time this sport will face a reconning in this respect, and who knows if it will survive.

Having said all that, I first became a fan of the sport during Dan Marino’s first year with the Dolphins (don’t look that year up… I beg you, I’m that old!) and have been a Dolphin fan ever since.

Sadly, once coach Don Shula left and Marino retired (another very long time ago), the Dolphins have been stuck in a mediocre cycle.  They usually win just enough games to get a mid-first round pick, but are never quite awful enough (though there was that one year) to get some really good picks.  And when they do pick, it seems like the football Gods are against them and the people they pick may be OK or terrible, but rarely really, really great.  Of course, there are exceptions, but it is what it is.

So with Football season about to begin, one looks at the prognosticators and, if you’re a Dolphin fan, you check out the Dolphin’s place compared to all other teams for this year and, if you’re on CNN’s Bleacher Report you find…

Dolphins ranked 32 out of 32 teams coming into week 1


Over on ESPN, they fare a little better:

Dolphins are ranked 29 out of 32 teams coming into week 1

Woo… hoo…?

Welp, as they say, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Unless, of course, we stay right where we are.

How does the draft look?! 😉

Oh… NFL…

Mike Freeman offers the following article at regarding the new NFL policy regarding players kneeling during the National Anthem.  Based on the article’s title, I dare you to guess where he stands on this issue:

Scared NFL makes epic mistake with Anthem policy

The bottom line is this: After a year of Trump jawing about how players who kneel during the National Anthem are somehow “disrespecting” the American flag (they are not), the NFL, under fearless leader Roger Goodell (how does he keep his job?!) decided they would fine any team whose players kneel during the Anthem.

Yep.  That’ll solve everything.


I understand some people feel it is disrespectful to kneel during the Anthem.  Fine.  But if you can remove your angst about that visual for one second, consider why these people are doing this.  Perhaps, with just a little empathy, you may come to realize their actions are rooted in a very just cause and, further, their actions are the definition of benign and *gasp* peaceful.  I mean, I could understand the angst if the players dropped their pants and mooned the cameras or gave the ol’ “one gun salute” during the Anthem, but they are not doing that.

You are bothered by the actions because you’ve allowed yourself to be bothered by them.

I used to really, really love watching professional Football.  Nowadays, with article after article about the extent of damage playing this sport causes to player’s brains, the bizarre rules and rule changes, the way the league muffed domestic abuse, and now this…

…well, if the NFL fears losing viewers, they might want to look within.  From my perspective -and mine alone!- they’re already doing a great job at it all by their lonesome.

Doping… in Curling?!?

One of the Winter Olympics sports that is laughed off by many -but not me!- is Curling.

I genuinely like the sport, which involves players launching a “rock” on ice which slides to the opposite end of the field and in a target area.  Here are some examples of what are considered the best Curling shots of the past year…

As I said, I really like the sport, which people far more eloquent than I have described as “chess on ice”.  It is.  The sport, which does not demand a very high level of athleticism, except for when you’re sweeping, nonetheless requires a steady hand, a good eye, and plenty of mental skills.

When the Winter Olympics started, the first Curling events we saw were the mixed doubles, which involves a smaller team playing.  In the mixed doubles, a man and woman competing against another couple.  One of the earlier matches we saw involved this couple:

Image result for russian curling mixed double

They are Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, a husband and wife team from Russia.  They are, if I may say so myself, a very handsome couple.  With their looks they could both, IMHO, easily be movie stars.

The married couple would wind up winning the Bronze Medal in Mixed Curling but, dark clouds have appeared on the horizon…

Russian players during the 2018 Winter Olympics are forbidden, because of the current doping scandal enveloping these players, from stating they represent Russia.  Instead, they are there are “Olympic Athletes from Russia” and are forbidden, if they win, from having their anthem played or from wearing any clothing which depicts the Russian flag (hence the reason these two above have fairly bland black outfits with equally bland white lettering stating who they are).

Anyway, Mr. Krushelnitckii, after winning the Bronze Medal, was found to perhaps have been doping.  Mark Trevelyan and Gabrielle Tetrault-Farber for Reuters (and appearing on wrote the following article regarding this new controversy…

Russian Curling Athlete Suspected of Doping Leaves Winter Olympics

I have to say, this is something of a heartbreaking story.  Again, we’re talking about CURLING here, a sport that really doesn’t require a superb physique or long term physical exertion, which makes me wonder if maybe Mr. Krushelnitckii was perhaps given this drug for some other reason and wasn’t aware it was a banned substance.

I know, I know: I could very well be superbly naive about the whole thing, too.

From the article, fellow Russian Curler Viktoria Moiseeva, who believes Krushelnitsky is innocent, stated:  With us it’s not faster, higher, stronger; it’s about being more accurate. I can’t imagine what kind of drugs you could use in curling … so it’s very hard to believe.

Well, there is the sweeping itself and, who knows, maybe Mr. Krushelnitckii had some problem with his shoulder(s) and used the drug to help get over that particular injury.

Who the hell knows.

Regardless, its a damn shame.  The two were not only a very attractive couple, they were easy to root for as they played their game smoothly and with grace during the times I watched them.

Ah well.