Paving Paradise

Articles like these by Charles Kenny and posted on Foreign Policy are incredibly fascinating -to me- and open my eyes to realities I hadn’t quite considered.

While many point out the negatives of the concrete jungle many of us live in, Mr. Kenny points out that living with a bit of concrete is actually a good thing, both financially and from a health standpoint.

As I said before, a fascinating article:


Politics, like sports, can be a fascinating thing to watch, and last night turned out to be another example, in my mind, of why the Republicans face an incredibly uphill battle to unseat Barack Obama.  Yes, I know there are pundits far more knowledgeable of the system than me who speak of a “squeaker” election.

So far, I have strong doubts about that.

The Republican’s most viable candidate, again in my mind, is John Huntsman, but he was an almost complete no show in Iowa.  While he may surge a bit in New Hampshire, it just doesn’t seem like he’s got enough interest to secure the nomination.

The “strongest” candidate and yesterday’s Iowa winner was Mitt Romney.  But he appears to have a ceiling of support that rises to not much more than 25% (which is what he scored, not so coincidentally, in Iowa).  I suspect he will eventually get the nomination, but when one on one up against Barack Obama, I believe Mr. Obama will prevail.

Then again, I also feel that both these individuals, Mr. Obama and Romney, are essentially the same politician…moderate Republicans of yesteryear who show some liberal tendencies but may be more comfortable with the policies and philosophies of a Eisenhower, Nixon, or Ford rather than a Roosevelt, Kennedy, or Johnson.

Then again, we’re talking politics, and individual opinions are as easy to find as solid truths are virtually impossible to ascertain.

Once More Into The Brink…

I was growing increasingly dissatisfied with the blog software I was using and decided the New Year was a good time to make a change.  What you see here is a quick fix, a temporary blog that is nonetheless to my eyes far nicer than what was going on before.  As time permits (and my knowledge of Word Press increases), I’ll do tweaks as well as links to my old posts.

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