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Sketchin’ 79

Here’s something very different from the stuff I’ve been presenting: A piece penciled by comic book legend John Byrne (the original piece was posted by Mr. Byrne here:  www.byrnerobotics.com/forum/fo…) and inked by yours truly.

I think my piece looks fine… though I also feel my inks have somehow buried the typical “look” of Mr. Byrne’s art.  When inking someone else’s pencils, there are inkers whose inks may complement well the pencils while in other cases they might “overpower” the penciller’s work.

I think this kinda/sorta happened here, even if the ultimate piece isn’t bad on its own.  My only excuse for this is that the “pencils” I used for my digital inks were drawn from a photograph of the pencils (its there to behold!) and there were parts that were hard to distinguish.

But enough excuses!