A couple of thoughts on Haywire…

No, I haven’t seen Haywire yet, although based on the commercials it looks like something I might enjoy.  Now, whether I see it while it’s out in theaters or when it is eventually released to DVD/Blu Ray…I guess that’s the question.  I’m all the more interested because of the five minute sample clip:

I also find myself very intrigued with Gina Carano.  She plays Mallory, the movie’s tough as nails protagonist.

Why?  Because my novel Mechanic happens to feature a tough as nails female protagonist who in my mind’s eye I envisioned to look an awful lot like Ms. Carano…someone who I knew absolutely nothing about until the first Haywire commercials appeared only a few weeks ago.

Mind you, I’m not implying the makers of Haywire were somehow inspired by my book.  Given the plot of my novel versus what I see of the plot of Haywire, that should be pretty obvious.

But if I ever get anyone interested in making a Mechanic movie (what are the odds?!), I know which actress I could easily see playing the lead role.  That is, if she isn’t too worried about being typecast! 😉