William Gibson interview…

For those who enjoy William Gibson’s works, or those who simply enjoy reading an interview conducted with a prominent author, this may be right up your alley:


I’m of two minds with Mr. Gibson and his novels.  I’ve read many of them, not all, and while I admire the hell out of how he writes (he creates some of the most incredible descriptive passages), I find I’m not always as big a fan of the actual stories he’s telling.  The early ones, such as Neuromancer, were pulp inspired works that reminded me of similar stories in Heavy Metal magazine.  His later works, the last one of which I read was Spook Country, feel like they could use more actual plot.

But, oh those descriptive passages!

One of my all time favorites examples of one of those descriptive passages that really turned my head appeared at the start of the second chapter of Spook Country:

The old man reminded Tito of those ghost-signs, fading high on the windowless sides of blackened buildings, spelling out the names of products made meaningless by time.

Incredible, incredible stuff.  I wish I could write a passage as good as that one!

For what it’s worth, my favorite William Gibson book is a collaboration between he and author Bruce Sterling, The Difference Engine.  If you have yet to try any of Mr. Gibson’s works and find the interview with him interesting, I highly recommend you give that book a try.