Girl possibly murdered during Roman Invasion Found in England

I was looking around the website of the History Channel, and came upon this story:

Despite the fact that this murder occurred so very long ago, I felt a great deal of sadness reading about this unknown girl/woman (she was between 16 and 20 at the time of her death) and her fate.

Given the times this young woman was living in, around 50 A.D., and the events occurring in England, it chills me to think of the possible terrors she faced during her final days of life.  One imagines she could well have been a prisoner of the advancing Roman army and, as mentioned in the article, once she outlived her “usefulness” to the invaders, she was murdered and hastily buried.

A tragic -albeit small- piece of history that nonetheless gives us a window on ancient times.  Given what we know about modern warfare and its victims, stories like these makes one wonder how much we have truly advanced in all these years.