Top 10 David Bowie Lost Tracks

Ok, so I said I would leave the topic of David Bowie and his music for a while, but I found this website that presented author Paul Sinclair’s Top 10 David Bowie Lost Tracks and simply couldn’t resist:

Mr. Sinclair must have a similar taste to me, as he puts the “Demo” or “Alternate” version of Candidate as his #1 unreleased or lost track.  While there are many, many songs that Mr. Bowie never formally released on any of his albums, of the ones I’ve heard (and I don’t even pretend to have heard them all!) the alternate Candidate is indeed my favorite and to this day I can’t believe it was essentially forgotten until the Rykodisc reissues of the 1990’s revealed the song.

Of the stuff I haven’t heard, I’m most intrigued with the unreleased material from the album 1. Outside.  Mr. Bowie himself has stated that there were some twenty hours of material recorded for that album, which I still consider his single best work of his most recent “era”.

Maybe one day…