Coming soon…

First, sorry for not posting in the past few days.  Things have been busy and will likely remain so, at least for the next few weeks.  Among other things taking up my time is this:

This is my first full attempt at the cover to my latest novel, Nox.  I suspect I’ll tinker with it a little here and there, but at least at this point I’m delighted with the end result.

Nox is the fourth part of the Corrosive Knights series, the first three parts of which were Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, and Chameleon.

As I’ve mentioned before, Corrosive Knights is a series that, at least with regards to those first three books, can be read in any order at all.

With Nox, however, things start to come together.  The cover to Nox was purposely made in the style of Mechanic, as the lead character in that book, Nox, is the lead character in this novel as well.  Nox, for those who haven’t read Mechanic, is an industrial “gun for hire” with a conscience, a woman who is haunted by plenty of demons from her past…and present.

Nox explores her character in further depth as she deals with an incredibly dangerous new/old enemy.  This novel features action, suspense, and plenty of surprises.  Though its not fully polished, I’m very proud of the work, and think anyone who has read the series to this point and enjoyed it will not be disappointed.

For now, I’m just about finished with the second major revision of Nox.  I’ve worked out all the plot kinks and polished much of the writing.  I anticipate more polishing and. if there are no major snags, the novel should be fully completed in another two months.

In the meantime, enjoy the cover design.