40 Weird Facts About the United States…

…read ’em all!


Fascinating stuff…though I admit being most curious about the saddest bits of information, such as:

Fact #2, #4, and #9.  66% of Americans are overweight?!  Supermarkets on average waste 3000 pounds of food each year?!  And we drink on average more than 600 sodas a year?!  All three facts seem to point out that we have an overabundance of food available to us.

Then you get to the equally sad fact numbers #5, #24, and #30.  The notion that 48% of people in the United States are considered living on low income or in poverty is very chilling.  Equally chilling are the later two facts, that 52% of children in Cleveland, Ohio also live in poverty and that of the roughly 313 million people in the United States, 46 million of them are on food stamps (or 15%).

Not all the information presented is depressing, and I could go on, but I’ll conclude on #14:  Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. president born in a hospital!