About the coming Presidential election…

Fascinating article by Michael Tomansky at The Daily Beast concerning the upcoming Presidential election…and the possibility it might be an Obama landslide:


I tend to agree with Mr. Tomansky, though I would hardly consider myself a political junkie (my wife might argue otherwise).

Having watched the political shows here and there, I’ve been struck by how incredibly weak a candidate Mitt Romney is.  He may be a nice guy, he may be an intelligent man, but as a candidate he’s stiff and prone to saying silly things.  And when not saying such silly things, he has been caught contradicting or denouncing what should be his core beliefs.  This is a man, after all, who was once pro-choice and valued Planned Parenthood.  Now he’s anti-abortion and threatens to “defund” Planned Parenthood.  In the past he was a proponent of gun control but now he’s a 2nd amendment purist.  And then there’s what’s perhaps the biggest inconsistency:  As Governor of Massachusetts he pushed through the state’s health care act, which was essentially copied with “Obamacare”.  Now, as a Republican candidate, he can’t say enough bad things about this system.

And I haven’t even gotten into issues of what taxes he paid and his stubborn belief that he should not release his IRS records.  Finally, there’s one more little thing:  One gets the feeling that hard core Republicans simply don’t trust him.

Yes, President Obama has issues to deal with, primary of which is the still fragile economy.  Having said that, unless President Obama stumbles really badly and does something colossally dumb, I just can’t see him losing to Mitt Romney.

Then again, we’re still a ways from the election and there’s plenty of time for things to change.  I doubt it, but we’ll see…