I’ve been giving updates now and again regarding the status of Nox, the latest book in the Corrosive Knights series.  Nox follows the three seemingly stand-alone other novels in the series, Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, and Chameleon.  I say “seemingly” stand-alone because you can read any of the above three books in any order at all without being confused by what’s going on.  Each of the books features a different cast of characters and is set in a different era and, on the surface, one doesn’t necessarily follow what goes on in the other(s).

This all changes with Nox.

Though you certainly don’t have to read all three Corrosive Knights books before reading Nox, I strongly urge those interested in the book to read at least Mechanic and Chameleon.  Trust me, you’ll find Nox a more rewarding experience if you do.  If you don’t, however, I’ve nonetheless tried to make Nox as “newbie” friendly as possible.

When will Nox be available?  I’m hopeful it will be out in the next week or two and not much more than that.  I’m in the process of getting a proof copy of the novel and, after giving that a look over and provided I don’t need to make any changes, it will become available both in trade-paperback format and via Kindle download soon after.

To those who enjoyed the previous Corrosive Knights books, I think you’re in for a treat.  This book should offer plenty of suspense and surprises, plus the return of the character of Nox, one of my favorite “accidental” creations (I’ll write about that one day, I promise).

In the meantime, here is the full cover/backcover of the trade paperback:

As for the future, the next book in the Corrosive Knights series is well underway.  I’m hesitant to give out its title as the one I am currently using will likely be changed (and, to boot, it’s way too spoilery!).  As it stands now, I have a rough draft of the first third or so of that book written and a detailed plot of the rest.  If you’ve been following my releases for a while, you probably know it takes me approximately a year to finish each new book.  Given the jump I have on this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if it appears a little quicker.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.  I hope Nox will prove to be worth the wait!