Man Accused of Crashing 2.2 MILLION Dollar Car For Insurance Money…

…and wouldn’t you know it, there’s actual video of the crash:

Weird stuff.  As informative as the clip above was, I didn’t get a terribly good sense of what this the Bugatti Veyron, the $2.2 million dollar car itself, looked like.  This is it:

Needless to say, a pretty nice looking vehicle, though even if I were a multi-multi-millionaire, I’d have a hard time justifying spending that much cash on what amounts to a…car.

As for the video itself, I think things aren’t looking all that good for the car’s owner.  To begin, one has to agree with the report:  It doesn’t look like there was any pelican distracting or causing the driver to veer into the water.  Further…just what the heck was he doing driving a multi-million dollar car so close to the edge of water in the first place?

You’re just asking for trouble.