So….election day

Good to see so many people in these parts participating in voting, though there have been controversies.

What else is new…for Florida?

The early voting hours were cut down despite the fact that there were long lines of people willing, able, and patient enough to brave the lines.

As for me, for the first time I applied for an absentee ballot for myself and my wife.  Mine arrived in time to be sent out for this election.  My wife’s?  Still waiting for it.  A website for absentee ballot information lists her ballot as being sent to our (correct!) address on Halloween, October 31st…needless to say, it should have arrived by now.  Perhaps it got lost in the mail or perhaps it was delivered to another household by accident.  Regardless, my intrepid wife will have to brave lines later in the evening when she gets out of work…unless the absentee ballot arrives today and we can simply deliver it to a place that accepts absentee ballots.

My prediction?  I’ll have to go with the majority of pundits and say President Obama gets re-elected.  A couple of months ago I made a similar prediction and felt on far firmer ground at that time.  Today, the margins are smaller and Romney has certainly made some inroads (though he seemed to have primarily been helped by Obama’s non-appearance at the first presidential debate).

We’ll see soon enough…