12 Movie Sequels You Probably Didn’t Know About

Fascinating (though they missed a couple of weird/forgotten ones) list about the above, movie sequels you may not know existed to popular films:


Perhaps the most interesting of the bunch and maybe even the most surprising for those who didn’t know is the 1998 film Soldier featuring a great role and performance by Kurt Russell in what was ultimately a mediocre to poor film…that also happened to be a pseudo sequel to, of all things, the legendary Ridley Scott directed, Harrison Ford starring 1982 film Blade Runner!  Now, I say “pseudo” sequel because Soldier was set in the same “universe” as Blade Runner.  Otherwise, the film didn’t feature any of the same cast of characters (even played by different actors) that I’m aware of.  As mentioned in the entry, the script to Soldier was co-written by one of the writers of Blade Runner and they viewed the film as a “sidequel” to that more famous film.

As for films not on the list…One of the odder ones (and it is mentioned in the comments after the article itself) is Shock Treatment, the unsuccessful sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

While it may not be as well remembered today, one of the bigger hits of 1970 was the soap opera/tragic romance Love Story.  Today, it may be remembered more for featuring in a very small role the first screen appearance of Tommy Lee Jones, but this film was incredibly successful and, naturally, spawned a belated sequel.  That sequel, 1978’s Oliver’s Story, wasn’t anywhere near as well received.

One of the all time strangest sequels, at least in terms of casting, was the “sort of-kind of” sequel to 1972’s Robert Redford comic heist film The Hot Rock, 1974’s George C. Scott Bank Shot.  While the two movie characters played by Mr. Redford and Scott sport different names in the two films, they are in reality the same character based on Donald E. Westlake’s novels featuring the thief John Dortmunder.  I love both Robert Redford and George C. Scott, but to have them essentially play the same role in a two year span of time?  Weird choice!