Happy Holidays!

As a gift for these holidays, Kindle ebook copies of Chameleon will be available for free starting today, December 25, and continuing through the next few days for anyone interested.


Chameleon is the third book in the Corrosive Knights series.  The other available books currently available in this series are Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, and Nox.

Covers to Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, and Nox by E. R. Torre

Chronologically, Chameleon takes place before the events of all the other books yet is nonetheless the third book in this series.  Why?  While planning out the Corrosive Knights series, I realized it would involve an ever expanding cast in stories that take place, quite literally, hundreds and then thousands of years apart.  However, I didn’t want readers to be intimidated by this.  I wanted the first three books of the series, in particular, to be “stand alone” stories that any casual reader could pick up and read without having the burden of going through the other books first.

Thus, one can read Mechanic, The Last Flight of the Argus, and Chameleon in any order at all without being “lost” in the continuity.  My hope was that casual readers who encountered any of the first three books in the series would then be intrigued enough with what was offered to give the other books a try.

Anyway, if you are interested in getting a free taste of this series via Chameleon, please click on this link.  You don’t need an actual Kindle reader to read the book, only a computer or any sort of tablet/laptop device.

For those already familiar with the Corrosive Knights series, a quick update:  I’m hard at work on the fifth book in the series and am roughly three quarters of the way through the first full draft.  This story presented is easily the most ambitious of the Corrosive Knights series thus far and concludes the first major story line.  I have to admit I’ve considered breaking the book into two separate volumes because it is running longer than most of the other books in the series.  However, unless this last part of the book explodes into something far larger than I’m currently estimating, it will remain one book.

I already have a title in mind…

More to come.