World’s Oldest Dashcam Footage?!

Follow this fascinating link to find footage from the archives of the Fire Department of New York which show a car transporting Fire Chief John Kenlon from the Brooklyn Fire Department to a storage warehouse fire on East 123rd Street.

If you’re not interested in reading the entire article, you can see the actual dashcam footage here:

Now, I suspect this is not the earliest “dashcam” type footage out there.  I seem to recall seeing plenty of silent films that featured vehicular adventures and footage from the front seat.  Further, there is an interesting bit of…I wouldn’t quite call it controversy but rather “questions” regarding the exact date this footage was filmed.  The date of the video is listed as April 24, 1926.  But, according to Ian, one clever poster for the article, records indicated that day in NY was actually quite warm.  Perhaps the footage was filmed at an earlier (snowier) date rather than the late spring date given?

Regardless, fascinating stuff and an extended look at what the streets of New York looked like nearly one hundred years ago.  My only wish is that they could slow down and correct the rate the footage is presented.  Things are a little too “sped up”.

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