Even OLDER dashcam footage!

Just the other day I posted a link and embedded video of “dashcam” footage of New York circa 1926 (you can read about it here).  I noted that while the website claimed the video from 1926 might be the oldest dashcam footage ever, I found that doubtful.  I recalled silent films from that era and before that also featured dashcam footage, so while old and unquestionably fascinating, I was reasonably certain the 1926 footage was not the “first” of its kind.

Well, to the website’s credit they have found and posted an even older dashcam footage.  Considerably older.

The footage below is from 1907 Vancouver!  Given the year, the footage presented isn’t from an automobile, rather was made via streetcar.  Still, incredibly fascinating to watch:

For more information on the footage, plus equally fascinating information on the man who filmed it (and died a mere five years later in one of the most famous maritime disasters of all time), click on the following link: