Football’s Death Spiral

Fascinating article by the always readable Andrew O’Hehir for regarding the possibility that Football, the King of Sports in the U.S.A. today, may be in trouble:

I’m a big fan of the sport of Football but I totally agree with Mr. O’Hehir’s article.  In fact, I’ve even written about this before (you can read about it here).

The fact is that as the sport of Football has became more “professional” over time and athletes had the time and means to build their bodies to their absolute best, the subsequent hits between players became harder and harder.  And while their bodies may be at their peaks, there is simply no way to build one’s head and brain so that it too can take all those jarring hits.

The other scandals Mr. O’Hehir notes are worth mentioning as well, but I think Football’s eventual downfall will come because of the continuing revelations of just how much brain damage the players who participate in the game receive.

As I said before, I happen to love the sport.  But one has to be truly blind and uncaring about others to defend a sport which slowly kills a person’s mental -and physical- abilities.