News of the not-too-terribly-surprising:

From CNN, Postal Service to end Saturday mail delivery:

They will, it should be noted, continue their package delivery on Saturday.  Package delivery, in this modern computer (Amazon) world, remains a vital way of getting products to people and therefore has a definite future.

Mail, on the other hand, is becoming less and less important as a way of communicating between people and/or paying bills.

It’s fascinating to see how much of an impact computers have had on the general economy.

Record/Music stores?  Pretty much a thing of the past thanks to MP3s.

Bookstores?  Rapidly going the same way thanks to Kindle, Nook, and tablets in general.

Someone much smarter than me (sorry, don’t recall who exactly who) noted in a business column that the future of certain retail stores may be small kiosks.  You go into them, look at the latest models of, say, computers/tablets, then go to the counter and pay for your order.  Your purchased order is sent to your home by the same or next day (package delivery becoming more and more important).

If this is true, the U.S. Post Office -and indeed all package delivery specializing companies- should focus on improving their package delivery.  Regardless of whether the kiosk idea comes true, it seems logical that the business of package delivery will continue to be lucrative in this day and age.