The future of energy…?

Absolutely fascinating article by Farhad Manjoo for Slate magazine regarding what could be the breakthrough necessary to finally transition us into what may well be the next phase of energy usage, one that is significantly less expensive and easier to use than our current batteries.  The process involves Graphene Supercapacitors, and the article follows:

I think we’re on the verge of exciting times, though the article does end with a note of caution.  Hopefully, this new technology will indeed be the answer to humanity’s energy needs.

I do find it curious how we tend to find solutions to problems as they rear their heads.  Gas/energy prices are on the rise and we use a whole lot of energy in our daily lives, not just for transport but for the very many gadgets we operate, from computers to tablets to cell phones.  Given the lucrative market, it was only a matter of time before a “better mousetrap” would be created.