WWII Bomb Defused Near Berlin’s Main Railway Station

Fascinating story, though scary, story about an un-exploded WWII era bomb found at the above location:


Many, many years ago I recall seeing a show on TV involving some kids who lived with their family in one of those quaint fishing villages of (I think) Canada.  I only recall -very vaguely- the plot of two episodes.  One involved one of the kids getting his foot stuck in a rotted pier while the high tide was beginning and, thus, was in danger of being drowned.

The other involved an un-exploded WWII era naval mine floating into the protagonists’ harbor and giving everyone involved a big scare.  Watching that episode and seeing that ugly ball with the jagged spikes coming out of it covered in weeds and the debris of many years’ worth of time was one of those sights that impressed my young mind.

Of course, it has nothing much to do with the above story.  Indeed, the above story simply reminds you that sometimes the distant past isn’t all that far away after all.