Near instantly charging micro-battery?

I’ve longed for the day when we moved past combustion engine vehicles (a standard used for nearly 100 years now) to a more environmentally friendly electric powered vehicle.  The main stumbling block, as it always has been, is the battery technology needed to create a truly “good” electronic vehicle.

This fascinating article, by Alexis Kleinman for The Huffington Post, reports on the creation of a powerful new micro-battery that not only is capable of jump starting a vehicle, but it can be re-charged in 1 second (!):

It seems the lucrative cellphone industry and the demand to create batteries that last longer and longer has ironically (but not surprisingly) propelled researchers into finally looking for ways to make a truly good next generation battery.  As the saying goes,  “building a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door“.  However, to truly invest in a new industry, one has to reap rewards.

Did I mention the cellphone industry is a lucrative one?

The good thing about all this -especially to someone like me who longs for a move away from the old combustion engine- is that the better the battery technology, the more likely we are to finally see that technology appear in other products.  Including autos.

Perhaps that day is coming sooner than we think…