This Is The Last Time I Will Ever See You…

Fascinating -and sad- article by David Plotz for Slate Magazine concerning a phenomena I know only too well:  What happens to all those close friends you had at your side when you got married?  How many of them have subsequently faded from your life?

I’m most certainly in Mr. Plotz’s camp.  Should I take a look at my old wedding pictures, there most certainly will be a number of people there I see very, very infrequently.  Some are due to moving out of our area (indeed, the majority of those are due to this) while I’ve simply drifted apart from others.

Perhaps because marriage (and what follows, from your work to having children, etc.) represents such a big change in one’s previous, non-married life it should not be too surprising that people move away from each other.

Yet there is an undeniable sadness to that realization, to seeing as Mr. Plotz put it, “ghosts” of your past, people you once were great friends with but now are not.