Perhaps a little too much free time on their hands…

Interesting article from Huffington Post regarding Pastor Keith Cressman and his lawsuit over…an image on the Oklahoma license plate?

So, basically, we have an image based on a famous sculpture which in turn was based on an Native American Indian Rain God and this, to the Pastor, infringes upon his sensibilities as it depicts a “Pagan” God.

In Florida, my home state, one can get a wide variety of vanity plates with images ranging from nature scenes, aquatic scenes, John Lennon (!), to, yes, religious statements (here’s a bunch of images).  It wouldn’t surprise me if one day people in this state are allowed to create their own license plate images, provided they aren’t deemed offensive, and slap them on their car…for a fee, of course.  Apparently, in Oklahoma like Florida there are other plates available, but like Florida these require an additional payment.

Still, the Pastor’s discomfort with the standard Oklahoma license plate smacks of frivolous and silly and one can’t help but feel the Pastor is a little too tightly wound up.  In the Oklahoma license plate I don’t see a promotion of “Pagan” religion (especially “Pagan” rain Gods) so much as a tribute to Native American Heritage.

The Pastor may want to take a few deep breaths.