How to find (alleged) criminals in this day and age…

Ran into several articles regarding how some (alleged) criminals were found out.  The first batch of articles are about how some people who (allegedly) stole cell phones/iPads were discovered because…well, read on!

and then there’s this:

“Selfies” seem to be all the rage nowadays, even with (alleged) criminals.  However, and as noted in the articles, often any photograph taken with your cell phone is “uploaded” to a secondary device you own or have access to, and therefore you get to see what the (alleged) criminal who has your property is doing with it.

This one may well take the cake, if only for the selfie taken by the (alleged) criminal, who in this case stole someone’s iPad:

I can’t resist.  Here’s the “selfie” the (alleged) criminal in the above article took of herself:


The second story is far more serious as it involves a double murder committed in 2007.  What is so incredible about this story is how police came to suspect a certain individual in this “cold” case:

Yes, the rap lyrics of one Antwain Steward aided in his arrest for that double murder committed in 2007.  Obviously there’s more evidence linking him to the crime than the lyrics of a song he wrote, but it is nonetheless fascinating that he might well have -to at least some degree- fingered himself for the crime by virtue of his own song.

Interesting, interesting stuff.