Worst Baseball Card of All Time…?

When I was very young, I collected a lot of things, from coins to stamps to (of course) books and comic books.

One thing I never got into, however, was collecting baseball cards.

Even so, this story, concerning the “worst baseball card of all time”, had me laughing:


For those too lazy to click the above link (I highly recommend it…the story behind the card, and other examples of terrible sports cards, is worth your time), this is the notorious card:

Bob Hamelin baseball card.

Hard to believe such a terribly, terribly designed card was approved and released.  Not only is the photo itself strictly amateurish, but the flourishes added to the card (in particular the bit at the bottom with the player’s name…covering the player’s mug-shot looking photo and identification!).

Very weird -and hilarious- stuff.