Gone too soon…

A while back I posted an entry regarding the last (and often least) final works of some famous actors (you can read this here).  What follows below is a sobering list of actors who died while filming either a TV show or movie:


Coincidentally enough, a couple of days ago I reviewed the 1940 Tyrone Power film The Mark of Zorro (read this here).  His death could easily have made the above list as he died of a heart attack in the middle of filming Solomon and Sheba.  Mr. Power had the lead role and, it was reported afterwards, had filmed almost the entire feature before his untimely death.

I read that because the studio stood to gain insurance money from their star’s death and his inability to complete the film, his final work was essentially hidden away and/or destroyed.  Yul Brynner took over Mr. Power’s role and the film was “remade” with him in the lead.  However, Tyrone Power can supposedly still be seen in the movie’s crowd scenes…an eerie reminder of what might have been.