For Halloween…

Two lists.  First up, 10 Scariest Movies You May Have Never Seen, at least according to Time magazine:

I’ve seen seven of the listed films and, for the most part, their inclusion on the list is good.  However, I would disagree about at least two of the items: the original Evil Dead and the 1922 Nosferatu.  I suspect many people have seen at least bits of either film and certainly they’re well known.

In a list like this, I expected more oddball/unknown features.  In this case, the one that most intrigued me was the French film Inside.  Sounds pretty creepy…

Next up, Time Magazine again, this time offering a list of the 10 Greatest Stephen King movies:

Once again, a decent list that few will probably argue with.  If there is one film on the list I might not include it is The Secret Window.  Much as I enjoyed Johnny Depp’s acting in the film, to me the movie unraveled when the revelations came in the climax.

Then again, that’s me.