Top 20 Dumbest Cars…

…at least according to an article at AOL autos:

Many of the “usual suspects” are present.  I figured the #1 dumbest car was going to either be the Pinto or the Edsel.  Spoiler:  It turned out to be one of them, though the other wasn’t on the list at all!

Back in High School I had a first hand experience with the Pinto as a friend of mine at the time had the vehicle and we drove around with it now and then.  What I remember the most about the car was a) it was ugly as hell in its brown/gold interior and exterior color, b) it wasn’t a comfortable car to sit in, and c) it was really noisy.

At least we shared some good laughs regarding the car…my friend was anything but enamored with his vehicle.

But my favorite “Dumb” car has to be the #14 entry, the infamous 1899 Horsey Horseless.  Words alone can’t describe this idiotic concept so, ladies and gentlemen, the 1899 Horsey Horseless:

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  We have a car with a Horse’s head strapped onto its front.  The theory its creator(s) had, one imagines, is that because some people might be reluctant to switch from their horse drawn buggies and “move up” to automobiles, the manufacturers had to do something to create a sense of familiarity to something new.  So, like training wheels on a bicycle, we have a horse’s head bolted to the front of this car so people take comfort in the fact that…

Hell…it makes no sense at all!!!!

Still fun to look at , though! 😉