This is…interesting

From, 29 Insane Pastimes That Prove History Was Terrifying:

If your interest isn’t piqued -or, alternatively, grossed out- with the very first entry (blowing tobacco smoke up people’s rectums being thought of as a way to save someone from drowning), then this list isn’t for you! šŸ˜‰

Secondly (I always find more than one humorous/horrifying list from at a time), check out their second list of 10 Great Songs by The Worst Bands of All Time…

Now, I can’t quite agree with all their choices. Ā At least one of the bands/artists presented I find better than they do (though they are hardly a favorite), while others I simply cannot stand to listen to at all. Ā Of the choices presented, however, there is one that I strongly agree with and that admission…well, its a hard one to make but here it goes: I really, really like Brittney Spears’ song “Toxic”.

Mind you (oh the shame!!) I was never a fan of Ms. Spears’ music even in her heyday and that’s putting it kindly. Ā Her brand of bubblegum pop, while I can certainly see what many others liked about it,Ā never appealed to me.

So the years pass and Brittney Spears’ star sets a little (OK, perhaps quite a bit) and then, one day, I’m driving along down the road and the radio announcer on a local radio station comes on and states that he’s about to play the latest Brittney Spears song and its called “Toxic.”

Just as I’m about to change the station I hesitate. Ā Perhaps I was coming close to a red light or perhaps someone driving beside me nearly drifted into my lane…whatever it was that happened, I was forced to focus on the road rather than on changing the radio station and the song starts playing. Ā And I’m listening to it.

And I’m not changing the channel.

When the song eventually ends, I smile and shake my head.

Not bad. Ā Not bad at all.

Your mileage, as the saying goes, may certainly vary!