Killing conspiracy…

Fred Kaplan at Slate Magazine offers a short -and fascinating- article regarding the main reasons he turned from being a “conspiracy” theorist regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to a believer in the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone:

While the notion of a conspiracy around the killing of President Kennedy is one of those tempting wormhole-like theories one can look into for one’s entire life, I’ve always felt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Even ignoring, for the moment, most of the important points Mr. Kaplan notes in his article (and he does offer solid evidence to conclude Oswald acted alone), this is the one element of this whole thing most people seem to forget: A mere forty five minutes after the assassination of President Kennedy, a police officer named J. D. Tippet attempted to stop Lee Harvey Oswald (by then, the police were looking for him in connection with the assassination) and was, according to nine witnesses who saw him subsequently flee with a revolver in hand, gunned down and killed by Oswald.

That action alone indicates to me that Oswald, at the very, very least knew the police were after him because of what he did/what they suspected him of doing and the cold blooded brutality of his actions against the police officer were hardly those of an “innocent”/patsy.  I suppose one can fabricate all kinds of theories to explain why Mr. Oswald gunned down the policeman, but isn’t the most logical one the one that Mr. Oswald killed President Kennedy and knew that the police were going to get him for his crime and didn’t want to be captured?