21 Real Deleted Scenes…

…That Completely Changed Famous Movies:


Now, let me be upfront and say the following: Some of these deleted scenes didn’t really change the famous movie they’re from.  Not all that much, anyway.

For example, the deleted scene from Jaws is amusing but hardly a game changer in terms of what occurs in that movie.  The same goes with the J. J. Abrams’ directed Star Trek.  Interesting little scene, for sure, and it adds information to the young James Kirk’s hardly idyllic life, but it doesn’t radically alter what comes afterwards.

On the other hand, the slide show points out some genuinely interesting cut sequences that do indeed change the film, sometimes for the better.  For example, I wish that Superman II had kept the three Kryptonians being hauled off by the police at the very end.  I always felt that having them fall into what seemed like a very deep pit was…disturbing.  Superman should not kill or allow someone to die.  And, no, I have not seen Man of Steel yet.  I’ll give my opinion on that soon enough.

The cut sequence regarding Dallas’ fate in Alien, likewise, is a fascinating bit as well.  Interestingly enough, that sequence wound up being the entire basis of Aliens!  Ironically enough, Aliens featured a scene similar to this Dallas scene, and it too wound up being cut.  It isn’t mentioned in the above article, so I’ve embedded it below.  Check it out:

Finally, I thought the cut sequence in Star Trek II was interesting and certainly added to the pain Scotty felt for the deceased crew member.  But, was the scene necessary in the end?  Shouldn’t Scotty -and the rest of the senior crew, for that matter- feel bad about every young crew member’s death?