Adding insult to injury…

Given the bulk release of data from the “married-people-looking-for-a-fling” website Ashley Madison, one would have thought that the most scandalous information to be aired would be the famous names linked to the website, be they in the world of entertainment or politics.

Turns out, to my mind the most scandalous thing about the bulk release of information is the revelation that almost everyone using the website was male, and whatever females there were who used it may well have been fictional creations.  Annalee Newitz for Gizmodo offers a startling look at the data:

Reading this brings to mind the great line attributed to P. T. Barnum regarding capitalism/selling a product: There’s a sucker is born every minute.

It turns out that what Ashley Madison was selling wasn’t the ability of a married person to have an affair but rather the fantasy that by joining this website and paying them lots of money you just might do so.  I can’t help but think, based on the information in the article above, that the site exclusively targeted gullible men more than willing to pay cash money in the hopes of having this no-strings-attached fling.  Women, on the other hand, appeared to have little interest in the site.  Those who did sign on, it was found in the article above, mostly lasted little more than a single/handful of sessions before bailing.

As a member of the male species, I have to tip my hat to women.

You’re a lot smarter than we are.