19 Worst Movies Mystery Science Theater 3000 Ever Riffed

Once again over at io9 you’ll find an article by Rob Bricken listing the above, the 19 Worst Movies the hilarious Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever riffed:


Bear in mind, what this list shows are the worst movies that the author felt appeared on the show.  Of course, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was devoted to showing terrible films while a crew of three (one guy and two robots) skewering the films as they watched them.

I tend to agree with the list.  The interesting thing is that the worst the film, the better the riffing and the better, therefore, the overall episode of MST3K.  Check out the films and see if you agree.  I really liked Mr. Bricken’s description of The Creeping Terror (#9 on the list):

The Creeping Terror is a movie only in the most technical sense. Things have been filmed, and that film has been stuck together to produce what is generally termed a motion picture, but that’s it.

Moving aside for a moment on the notion of which film they showed was the worst, for those who haven’t seen any MST3K fare, I highly recommend they check these film “treatments” out: MitchellManos: The Hands of FateTeenagers From Outer Space, Attack of the Giant Leeches, and The Killer Shrews.

A good time will be had by all!