Better to laugh than cry…

Gettin’ political again, so for those who are faint of heart, look away!

To the rest: So yesterday Kellyanne Conway, President (wow that’s hard to write) Trump’s campaign adviser was interviewed by Chris Matthews and said the following (the clip I’m including does a good job at pointing out the *ahem* inaccuracies in her statement)…

To quote Ms. Conway: “Masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre”.

Which, of course, set off a hilarious twitter reaction, many of the responses which can be found here:

Kellyane Conway literally fabricated a massacre to Justify Trump’s Immigration Ban

To all the twitter writers posted in the above article, my hats off to you.  You’re creative, ingenious, and, especially, hilarious.

It’s so hard to point out any one twitter reaction as the best of the lot so you’ll have to trust me: They’ll all worth checking out.

Do so, now!  That’s an order, son!