Oh boy…

An article by Selena Larson and Jethro Mullen and presented on CNN offers the following chilling reveal:

Apple: All iPhones, iPads, and Macs affected by chip flaws

For years, even before Apple became the juggernaut it now is, one of the things the company’s proponents pointed out to as being a positive of their products versus the Windows based platforms was that they were safe.

While the Windows based desktop/laptop systems had to use some kind of software protection(s) from viruses and malware, Apple products weren’t affected by these silly problems.  Thing is, I always felt this bit of bragging was misdirected.  At the time the Apple defenders were saying this the most vocally, Apple was a much smaller company and their computers were not being used as much as the ones that had Windows in them.

To me, it was about numbers.  The Windows systems were incredibly popular and almost everyone had them.  Why wouldn’t hackers go after richer targets?

A few years later and here we are: Apple is a juggernaut.  Apple is incredibly popular and used by a large number of people.

And guess what?

Flaws are being found.

Granted the flaw isn’t necessarily Apple’s fault and it affects just about every computer out there, including those who use Windows or Android systems.

This points out another problem with computers in general: We’re all for them and leap from system to (hopefully better) system and when one hears information like this one can’t help but wonder how much care the companies behind these systems have done to make sure there is safety in their products from malicious eyes.

Lately, these same companies are trying to create some kind of credit card pay system, wherein you just flash your phone or watch or whathaveyou and don’t worry about paying for anything with those pesky credit cards or even peskier cash.


Given this bit of news, I might wait a little before taking that particular leap.