Yesterday was even crazier than usual, if you’re the type (like me at times) to follow U.S. politics.

Yes, beware, kind folks… what follows is…


First up and the day before was the revelations of Bob Woodward’s upcoming novel, Fear: Trump In The White House, painted a -surprise, surprise!- picture of extreme dysfunction in the  Trump administration.

So you figure: That’s going to be the big news of the day.  I mean, Woodward is a very prestigious journalist.  He’s 1/2 of the team that wrote All The President’s Men, which painted a grim picture of Richard Nixon and no doubt led to his presidential demise.

Naturally, Trump had plenty to say, negative naturally, regarding the book, but as it turned out that book was nothing compared to the bombshell that appeared yesterday in The New York Times.

A current, senior White House official, writing anonymously, wrote an OP piece wherein s/he offers a chilling glimpse behind the curtains at the Trump White House, and his/her message is that they are part of a “resistance”, adults in the room who are trying to contain Trump and his negative impulses.  Here it is:

I am part of the Resistance inside the Trump administration


Here’s some more, from Brian Stelter and presented on, which goes into…

The story behind the New York Times’ anonymous op-ed blasting Trump

There followed immediate reaction from the pundits, those who wondered about the ethics of presenting an “anonymous” op-ed piece.  There were those who were happy to hear someone -anyone!- within that administration finally admit what is all too clear for all to see.

I’m of two minds here: I think people should speak out on what is so freaking clear to anyone who even casually looks: This administration is run by someone who, putting it most kindly, is waaaaaaaay out of his depth.  A man who should never have been elected county dog catcher, much less President of the United States of America.

On the other hand: Don’t be a coward.  You don’t like what’s going on?  Quit.

Publicly, with this opinion piece being your resignation letter.

Too many people are being too damn meek about pushing back against Trump and, sadly, this goes for both Democrats and, most especially, Republicans.

It’s frightening to think that there are people working for Trump who ignore his directives or, as the op-ed piece states, even remove papers with Presidential policies from his desk before he can make them official and/or implement them.

Scary times, for sure.