Corrosive Knights, a 11/2/18 update

This could be one of the bigger updates for the latest book, the concluding Book #7, in the Corrosive Knights series:

As of yesterday, I finished the read-through of Draft #11 of Book #7 and… it’s freaking great.

Yes, there are some things that still need to be done… I still have to put the pen/ink revisions I made into the computer and, yes I do want to do a 12th Draft of the book… but I can now say with absolute certainty that Draft #12 will be it.  The book will be done afterwards.

I read and did the pen/ink revisions of Draft #11 in a matter of four days.  I suspect that transferring the revisions to the computer shouldn’t take me that long.  As for Draft #12, I suspect it’ll take no longer than it took me to do Draft #11, which means that this book should be concluded completely by the third week or so of November…

…which means Book #7, the concluding chapter in Corrosive Knights series… may well be released later this month!!!!

And, to add to the fine day I had yesterday, I got the new cover to Book #2 of the Corrosive Knights series, The Last Flight of the Argus.


There you go, B’taav and Inquisitor Cer on the cover, our first look at a Displacer in action.

So, to update the full gamut of covers to the Corrosive Knights series to date:

So very soon now, my friends… so very, very soon!

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