Corrosive Knights, a 11/4/18 update

Sometimes, I’m certain I’m a masochist.

On Friday, 11/2/18 I posted an update  (you can read it here) where I stated with considerable pride -and joy!- that I finished reading the latest draft, #11, of my latest Corrosive Knights novel, #7, which is the concluding chapter of the series…

I noted back then that it took four days to read through the draft and do the pen & ink notations/revisions and that I figured it wouldn’t take very long to put them into the computer.

It took me two days.  I started doing the transfer of notations on Friday and finished on Saturday.

It was not easy.

In fact, considering how exhausted I usually am by the time Friday rolls around, you would think I’d welcome some relaxation come the weekend.

Not so this weekend.

Friday was filled with hard work.  I managed to get through 1/2 of the novel, putting the revisions in the computer.  As the day ended, I thought: Since I finished half the book in one day, could I finish the other half on Saturday?

I could, but wow did I burn the proverbial candle at both ends.  Not only did I completely finish the revision, I also went out to three different places to buy some stuff we needed, do some minor grocery shopping, do about an hour of exercise, etc.  I wound up eating only once, at about 3:30 pm, and was done with the revisions around 8 P. M.

It was tough sledding but the bottom line is that the damn draft is finished and its off to what I’m quite certain will be the final draft, #12.

As of the coming week, I may -we’ll see as it’s not entirely certain- be at the Miami Gamer Comic Expo between November 9-12.

Again, this isn’t certain.  If I’m there, it’s as a “and one” guest of a good friend of mine and, therefore, I will not be listed among the “formal” guests at the con.

But, again: THIS IS NOT CERTAIN and I may well not be there at all!  Regardless, I’ll provide updates as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I made this neat-o little promo of some of the books in the Corrosive Knights series and figured I’d present…

Regardless of whether I’m at the convention or not, I will begin working on Draft #12 of the book and should have it done by later this week (if I’m not going to the con) or perhaps by later next week (if I will be at the con).

And from there, its time to work on formally releasing it.

The time is coming.

Very, very soon!