Just when you think everything is going great…

…that’s when you’ve got to watch out!

Yeah, things were going well for me. Work, home, family… it was all going well.

And then came this past weekend. One of the bathrooms had problems with the water going down. Water came out from the bottom/base of the toilet.

Uh oh.

So you call the plumber and they try a snake through the pipes and… they hit a wall somewhere within the pipes. We get a camera down there and… its bad.

Living in a home ‘round these parts made in the late 1950’s, that’s a worry because the exit lines in many of these structures are likely made of galvanized metal. It works, for a while, but inevitably you get a slow blockage developing over time and that appears to be where I was.

The fix? Redoing pretty much the whole exit line from that bathroom to the street and out into the city line.

Lot’s o’ mess, lot’s o’ money spent, and now I gotta redo that bathroom (to replace the old metal lines they had to open the floor and get down below it) plus have to get someone to also replace the grass along the entire side of the house. To put in the all new PVC pipes (which will apparently last 100 years or longer), the plumbers had to bring in an excavator and literally rip the whole side of the house up so they could lay down the new pipes.


Fresh headaches -and smaller wallet- and more work to be done.

So much fun!