Now the Universe is just laughing at me… Part Deux

The AC “fix”, putting Freon into the machine, lasted a whooping two whole days before we were back at square one.

We called the company that “fixed” the unit and reamed them out.

Though I’m far, far from an AC “pro”, I’ve had enough experience with various household issues, electrical, plumbing, etc. to have some idea of what’s what. When the tech originally came, I told them that two days before we had the plumbing people over and I worried they had nicked a line and this caused the Freon to dissipate those two days later.

The guy didn’t think so but did conduct a cursory -but not full- search for the leak and was clearly in a hurry. Why? Because all through his visit, he was being called (at least three times) by his company because he needed to get to his next job(s).

So he added Freon to my machine and told me they would schedule a more in depth look into the leak possibility.

Welp, as I mentioned above, two days later, ie yesterday, we were back to the AC not cooling at all.

Furious, we called the AC company back this morning, they said they couldn’t come until Monday, we threatened to use another company and, not willing to lose us as long term customers, they sent over the same guy from the other day.

He looked around and this time found the leak.

That’s the only good news to come out of his second visit.

Our AC unit, he explained, has a leak in the coils in a place where it can’t be sealed. He showed it to me and… when you’re right you’re right. Normally, the outdoor unit which has the leak would be replaced but since my AC unit is old (15+ years) and therefore uses a different form of Freon (who knew?), there is today no company that makes the outdoor compressors that use that Freon and therefore that unit cannot be replaced.

The bottom line is the entire AC unit needs to be replaced which they will do on Monday.

In sum: 1) If this keeps up, I’m going to have to declare bankruptcy, and 2) I get to enjoy two more days of sweltering heat within my home!


Whatever it was I did to deserve all this must have been quite the whopper.