This ‘n’ That, 7/12/19

I’ve been lagging behind ’round these parts as the summer grinds on…


This has become the Summer of Repairs™ for me.

I mentioned before (oh, the pain!) of having to first redo all the water exit lines on the east side of my house, following which my central AC crapped out on me and I had to get a whole new unit, then we had to redo the guest bathroom where the original water exit line problem began because floor was drilled.

Welp, I forgot to mention another thing: Earlier in the summer my eldest daughter’s car was crapping out and we wound up trading that car in for another. Today, my younger daughter’s car is giving her trouble (though I think not nearly as bad as the elder’s much older vehicle) and we took it to the shop today to get it looked at. I suspect the problem it has is in the fuel line. We’ll see.

We also discovered, now that the rainy season has begun, a leak in a part of our roof which will have to be resolved… though I may be forced to wait for the rainy season to die out. Around these parts, roofers are in high demand during the rainy season and a repair job is looked upon as not worth pursuing when many people ask for their entire roof to be repaired.


The money flying out is… impressive. Acutally, depressive.

The only saving grace is that at this point we’re running out of things that can crap out and subsequently need repair! (I really hope I haven’t jinxed myself!)


Found this video the other day of the Tesla semi on the road…

People noted that a driver could not be seen behind the wheel of the vehicle and, thus, the reason the clip is pointing out that it’s a “self-driving” Tesla on the street.

I have to say, I was skeptical this was the case. Even if Tesla was testing their self-driving feature, they’d be crazy to let a vehicle like this one out on the road without anyone behind the wheel.

Nonetheless, I cannot make out anyone in the cabin. When reading the comments on the YouTube site this is presented on, people state there is someone in the cabin and they have dark sunglasses on.

I still don’t see it, but I tend to believe this must be the case.

Again: Why risk your Semi (I believe Tesla only has two of them built to this point) on something without having at least one person behind the wheel just in case something goes wrong?


Jeffrey Epstein.

Holy shit.

I mean, if all the allegations are proven true (and he was convicted and given what amounted to a slap on the wrist) what a freaking sleaze of a guy.

I despair at the political situation these days in the US. We have a “news” network that is nothing more than a brainwashing service intent on getting people to love conservatives/Republicans and hate them-there libral scum and, sadly, the service is effective.

If day after day after day, year after year after year you’re presenting a slanted persistent message, eventually people start to buy into it.

With Mr. Epstein, (you can read about him and how his alleged dirty deeds have now cost Jim Acosta his job in the Trump administration), Fox “news” was only too happy to point out the fact that Bill Clinton knew the man and had flown a few times on his private jet in the past.

Less inclined are they, though, to mention Trump’s relationships with him.

Google around. The stuff that’s written -and assuming there is truth to it- is absolutely disgusting.

If Bill Clinton is proven to have been involved in some of this level of sleaze, he deserves to be reviled.

I suppose that’s the difference between libral scum and the Fox “news” people: If illegal activities occurred, I’m more than happy to see those engaged in them get sent to jail.

Whoever they may be.