Hurricane Dorian some more…

It seems like the past few weeks have been nothing more than updates and fears regarding Hurricane Dorian.

As of today, the storm is moving generally northwardly after coming to a deadly stop over the Bahamas and, with its category 5 status, lingered there for nearly two full days.

It breaks my heart to think of the damage and loss of life which we will surely read about in the coming days and, given how close I personally live to that area, also think that I -and the people around here- were incredibly lucky.

Over at, Patrick OppmannMadeline Holcombe and Jason Hanna have the following grim article:

The death toll in the Bahamas is likely to rise as Hurricane Dorian recovery begins, authorities say

I hope this proves not to be the case but, given the devastation we’ve seen so far, I suspect its sadly all too possible.