Do you vape…?

Maybe you should stop.

Shannon Palus at offers the following article concerning the rash of illnesses which are now appearing and seem to have a common denominator: People who vape.

What’s going on with these mysterious Vaping-related illnesses?

I’ve noted before that I don’t smoke. When I was younger, like most young foolish people, did try out cigarettes. Thankfully, I never got into it and, after trying it out a couple of times, simply gave up on it.

I’m thankful because in my later 20’s I developed an incredible allergy to cigarette smoke, to the point where my sinus blows up painfully and I sometimes came down with debilitating migraines that literally sent me to the bathroom to throw up or were so painful I had to get in bed to let their effect wear off.

Anyway, I’m glad I never got into smoking and, based on the above, maybe its best that those who are into vaping pause their behavior with that as well.

At least until they figure out what’s causing these illnesses.

Better to be safe than sorry, for certain.