The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

I love a good mystery, and this one is so fascinating!

As the headline notes, this involves a song which is bouncing around the internet, a fairly catchy song clearly created in the early 1980’s by persons unknown, though there are those who are very curious to figure out the name/band behind the song.

I stumbled upon the article about this mysterious song on Here is a link to the article which was written by David Browne:

The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

As always, and at the risk of giving the article away, here’s that mysterious song…

The article itself points out the history of the song being “discovered” and inquiries being made as to who created it.

Personally, I like the song but I’m a fan of post-punk 1980’s alternative music. Having said that, the song isn’t some lost classic, either. It’s fairly simple and repetitious and, I agree with the article, likely the creation of a German/Polish/etc. band. The song is in English but it doesn’t appear that English is the singer’s original/principle language.

The music itself is remarkably clear, ie you hear clearly the guitars, the drumming, the bass, etc. This suggests the song isn’t a “live” recording (ie in front of an audience) but rather was recorded and mixed in a studio and likely then released to fans and or/clubs along with radio stations. That’s probably how it made it to what one assumes is the airwaves: It was probably featured on a radio show back in the day that promoted “new” music.

I further strongly suspect the band never really hit it all that big and, like many other bands out there, never connected with audiences to the point where they could continue this career. Perhaps this song proved their sole foray into the airwaves and, afterwards, they were forced to return to their “real” lives and work.

Given the song is likely from the early 1980’s, it is also possible the singer/musicians may no longer even be alive today. If the people who made the song were, say, in their mid-late 20’s when the song was released in the early 1980’s, they could be in their late 50’s or even early 60’s now.

Regardless, its a fun mystery and I really hope they figure out the people behind this song.

Perhaps they have another out there as well?