Frozen bird…

Sorry for the dearth of posts… things have been incredibly hectic ’round these parts of late and I’m finding myself shocked and exhausted each Friday.

Happy we’re here, but looking forward to finally, finally unwind/rest.

There’s been plenty of stuff worth talking about, including plenty of politics…

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…but let’s not deal with that -at least for now!

Instead, let me present this fascinating article by Jack Guy over on…

Frozen bird found in Siberia is 46,000 years old

This is what the poor thing looks like…

The 46,000-year-old specimen was identified as a horned lark.

The bird is a horned lark and the reason we’re finding fairly well preserved -and ancient- animals like this is because of global warming.

The fact is that as the ice melts in areas like Siberia, areas which haven’t been seen in, say, 46,000 years are being exposed and with their exposure, carcasses and artifacts from that era are revealed.

What’s incredible is seeing the carcass of an animal -remarkably well preserved- that is 46,000 years old!

That’s amazing!

And scary… given that it reveals the extent global warming is ridding the world of its cold areas.

Incredible stuff, regardless!

Have yourselves a very pleasant weekend. I’m looking forward to getting plenty of rest…!