Coronavirus Diaries 3

So three days ago I wrote about the Coronavirus and the things happening in/around the disease and, as somewhat expected, things have changed quite a bit in these three days.

To begin, the streets are looking far emptier than before.

Many businesses are being ordered to either shut down or severely restrict access to the number of people within. Basically, any business, park, etc. should have congregations of no more than 10 people at any time in close proximity.

Movie theaters are essentially shut down. Gyms are shut down. Sporting events are cancelled. I read today that Ikea, at an abundance of caution, is shutting its stores. There are other stores still in business but they are curtailing hours and, I imagine, will try to limit the amount of people within at any given time.

The run on toilet paper and water is still going on, absurdly, but it is what it is. In the local grocery store, there are runs going on for certain food items, especially canned foods, but it seems like there’s more stock available of late. Could be that those who panicked early have their cupboards filled and thus the later comers are now getting what they need, and so on.

Gas prices are going through the floor, in part because people simply aren’t traveling as much, either by plane or automobile, and/or have no desire to do so. There is the very real possibility, I read, that the price of a barrel of oil might go down below $20, an almost unheard of price.

Sadly, there are also stories of young Spring Breakers, either ignorant of or ignoring the orders to keep away from groups because dammit they want their fun, flooding certain beaches.

Don’t do it, folks. You’re young and strong and the odds of this virus impacting you seriously are low but, still, why risk it? Why risk not only getting it, but giving it to others?

Speaking of which, the tourism industry, a huge industry in these parts, is taking very big hits. The fact is that no one from any foreign country is coming here, either because airlines are no longer making flights into the U.S. or their countries are closing up their borders and not allowing flights out.

It sounds crazy as hell but it’s a prudent thing to do until the Coronavirus’ spread is curtailed.

I’ve read reports here and there about drugs that have shown themselves effective against this disease and given the fact that it is the #1 Worldwide story at the moment, I suspect most chemical labs are devoting plenty of their time and resources to finding a cure for the Coronavirus and/or an effective vaccine.

Perhaps -a big if, I grant you- there will be a breakthrough and a cure will be found and we can sooner rather than later get back to our normal lives.


One should try to be optimistic but also realistic and the darker side of all this is that we’re at the very, very beginning of this rather than anywhere near the end.

A frightening thought, certainly.

Stay safe out there, folks.