Coronavirus Diaries 5


Seems like that’s the key here. Stay at home. Venture out only if you absolutely have to, and in those cases maintain distance from others, and afterwards wash your hands well.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York opined on the news that he expected April and May to be even worse with the number of sick being seen/hospitalized. Senator Rand Paul, a supposed Libertarian (but pretty much another hard right Republican) revealed he tested positive for COVID19 and was -there’s that word again- self-isolating so as not to spread the disease to others.

In Miami Beach, all Hotels have been ordered to close starting tomorrow. This means no new reservations/clients but, of course, there are some exceptions for people who have monthly rents and effectively “live” in the rooms they have. Miami Beach is that way. There are people who come down during winter (the “snow birds”) and spend the winter in the warmer weather and/or there are others who come to visit family and take up rooms for extended periods of time. Finally, there are those who pretty much live in certain apartments in what are labeled “Hotels”.

For one month starting tomorrow and continuing through April 22, though, the Hotels are to close their doors to any daily tourists.

It makes sense: Even if the Hotels themselves may not be overrun in their lobbies with people, if the Hotels keep operating and each one has, say, at least 10 rooms occupied (a paltry number for this period of time!), those numbers per Hotel add up and the beaches could well be crowded with people and therein comes the problem.

Already “non-essential” stores have been ordered to be closed for an extended period of time while restaurants continue to operate but will only make “to go” food or deliveries and will not allow people to sit within.

I said it before and it bears repeating: The effort is appropriate certainly even as the effect on the economy is going to be devastating.

I sincerely hope Bill DeBlasio’s prediction winds up being wrong. I really, really hope that some kind of effective medication can be found to combat the virus. It appears a vaccine, when it comes, will not arrive for at least a year, so that’s out for now.

There’s simply no bright way to paint this.

We’re at the beginning of this situation and the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is, at least today, nowhere in sight.