Corrosive Knights, a 6/1/20 Update

It’s been roughly two weeks since my last update (you can read it here) regarding Book #8 in the Corrosive Knights series…

In that time, I’ve done a read-through and pen/ink revision of the book and today have turned to putting all my notes/changes/corrections into the Word copy I have.

There are quite a few things to fix!

Having said that, most of it is grammatical/spelling/ease of reading type corrections. That’s not to say, though, that the story is “locked in” yet.

There were also a few parts that required some reworking and/or expansion along with those simpler to fix clarifications.

Having said that (redux), I’m very happy with the overall place I’m at with this novel. I strongly suspect once I’ve put those corrections into the book, I’ll be very near the end of this work.

Like, really near.

And we’re on Draft #4 here and for my last several books, I’ve had to go through 12 Drafts before feeling these books were ready to be released!

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself because you never know how things will work out. Perhaps when I’m done with putting these revisions into the computer and I’m starting up Draft #5 I may find some really big problems that need to be addressed and they may require even more work to fix.

It’s certainly possible… but not super likely.

No, I’m happy with what I’ve written to date. I feel I’ve created a damn good story to follow up Legacy of the Argus. While it isn’t the promised “Epilogue” story, I feel it is a pretty damn strong story set in the Corrosive Knights universe which will, hopefully, be a great standalone story for anyone who wanders into my works and picks it up without reading the others but will also feeding the mythology I’ve built and be a satisfying addition to the saga for those who have read the other books.

I’m once again in a familiar position: Eager to get these revisions finished up as quickly as I can and excited by the prospect of getting that much closer to actually releasing a new book.

It’s a good one and I can’t wait to see what everyone out there thinks of it!